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Thwoq - a 3D platformer game

Thwoq You play as Thwoq, a once state-of-the-art robot who had been superseded by newer models. You eventually end up at a recycling facility which you are trying to escape from by descending down a series of towers.

There is one problem though : you have been partially dismantled and lost the ability to brake. Adding to that, there are deadly spikes and lasers to greet you along the way.

Thwoq had been mentioned in a number of gaming news outlets such IGN, GamingSOON, GameSquares, MobileGamerZone and of course, TouchArcade

Thwoq was developed by Pimago based on the Unity game engine. It is available on iOS and Android.

Main character

The photo below depicts the front and back view of the main character in Thwoq.